Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship: What's it all about?

Happy Cat Adoptions does not take owner-relinquished cats, but some of the homeless kitties we've saved include:

  • Cats abandoned at stores, on the street, in junkyards, in fields, at vets' offices, and even in abandoned buildings
  • Injured cats with no owners

We would love for you to help us save Houston's homeless kitties! If you can't adopt or foster, sponsorship is the next best thing!  

Sponsorship is fun! And it's an awesome and interactive way to save a kitty's life! 

Here is how it works:   (It's really easy!)  

1. Pick any kitty you like from our website. We have LOTS of CUTIES to choose from!

(If you prefer to pick a Happy Cats Mascot - aka, an unadoptable kitty who will be with our rescue group forever- please email us. We can send you info on them that is not featured on our site.)

2. Decide if you want to provide a one-time sponsorship donation, or if you'd like to do a long-term sponsorship by providing a recurring monthly donation.  (Sponsors can offer one-time donations of any amount from $5 on up, OR can offer to pay for all of a cat's rescue care by donating a set amount per month until the cat is adopted.)

3. Email us at adoptme@happycatadoptions.org with the name of the lucky kitty you want to sponsor. We will figure out the details with you.

4. Get ready for major cuteness! If you chose to do a recurring sponsorship, you will receive a personalized Certificate of Sponsorship, periodic email updates about how your kitty is doing (with pictures), AND your kitty will send you a note on Christmas and other major holidays!

5. If the kitty you are sponsoring gets adopted during your sponsorship, you will be notified immediately and can either choose another kitty from our site or end your sponsorship.

Sponsoring a cat in a friend or family member's honor can be a wonderful birthday present for cat lovers of all ages!


And just in case you're curious about the process of rescuing a kitty, this is how Happy Cat Adoptions does it:

  1. Cat is located and trapped (traps=$30-50).
  2. Cat is housed in a cage at the rescuer's home (cages=$47-128).
  3. Litter box, toys, scratcher, blanket, bed, and food bowls are provided to rescued cats in our care (supplies=$30-100).
  4. Cat is isolated 2 weeks to make sure he/she is healthy before being introduced to other rescued kitties.
  5. During the isolation period, cat is taken to the vet (carrier, exam, spay or neuter, fecal, combo test, dewormer, flea treatment, vaccinations, and medication, if necessary).
  6. Cat is socialized, if necessary (someone works with the cat in short intervals several times a day to decrease biting, attacks, and increase cuddling and obedience).
  7. Cat is ready for integration into foster home.
  8. Cat is ready for adoption (added to our website).

So, please help us make a difference! Join our efforts to save these precious cats!