Happy Cat Adoptions


Happy Cat Adoptions is dedicated to making good matches for our foster cats and for adopting families.

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, stray, or homeless cats and kittens in the metropolitan Houston, Texas area, as well as providing information for cat care. We are active in "trap, neuter, release" programs, and are especially concerned with providing information and referrals for spay/neuter education.

We're very concerned, not only about the health and well-being of the cats in our care, and about our adopted cats, but in the welfare of the many stray, abandoned, feral, and otherwise homeless cats in Houston.

 We need people to help us.  Call on local businesses for donations? Donate time or money to help--either directly with animal care, or indirectly by paying the costs for printing, advertising, etc.

 And most of all, we need volunteers to help socialize the cats we rescue--fosters or people who can just spend a day now and then, visiting with the cats, petting, and playing with them.

Let us know if you'd like to help: 713.385.1798.


Our public relations manager, Snowfoot, says she's a little overwhelmed by the job and could use some help.